01 Jun 2017

8 Tips to Improve Your Online Brand Presence with Social Media in 2017

Increasing brand awareness should be a key focus for you while preparing a social media strategy. The popularity of social media makes them an ideal platform for your brand building activities.
But a lot changes each year. There are new trends, features, etc. To help you out, here are few useful tips to improve your brand’s social media presence in 2017.
Treat your Profile like a business card.
Ensure that your profile looks professional and it must say what you are and you do. And if you have a landing page or main website, then just include a link to it.
Be tactical
A common mistake that many businesses make is choosing the inappropriate social media platform for their business only because it’s well-liked. There are many platforms available but you must be careful while selecting one for you. So, before choosing, look and analyse product and services you offer and find out where your targeted customers are more likely to be interacting online.
Quality Content
This is one of the most important factors in social media marketing. The content you write for social media is not just about promoting your product. It speaks volumes about your brand. So, the content you create should showcase your brand’s value.
Get creative
Getting creative for your brand online will make your brand stand out from others. The best way to do this is by posting appealing and relevant posts depending upon your targeted audience.
Participate, Engage, and Share
Social media works on the concept of give and take process. Don’t make mistake of focusing only on content as it make you fail in the end. So, along with content, you must engage with your audience, it will build a loyal relationship between you and them.
Schedule your content.
Scheduling your content will make you stress-free. There are several social media tools available online now which you can make use to auto-post your content according to your scheduled time. With this, you can also save more time which you can utilise in trying out different methods for your brand in social media.
Check your stats
Check your brand’s stats once in a week as it will help you know its position online. By doing this, you will also come to know about the type of content which can appeal your audience.

Understand and adopt the latest trends
There would be one or the other trend in social media. The Ice Bucket Challenge is an example. As a brand, if you can capitalize on such trends, it can bring your brand massive recognition
Hope, these points will be useful for you. You may find it difficult in the starting, but once you start, it will become easy for you. Your brand can also get recognized online like others. All you need is dedication and patience to try out different methods.

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